The Temple of Faery: Church of the Feri Tradition of American Witchcraft



Starting in 2016, The Temple of Faery will offer services at our public chapel once per quarter at The Mystic Dream. These services are free of charge. We will post when our 2016 events schedule is updated.

The Temple of Faery offers a public space where both members and non-members may come to make petitions and prayers at one of our altars.

The Temple also offers private services with one of our priests, by appointment.


We are currently on hiatus from public offerings and will post our new schedule for 2016 soon.




In addition to our public services we also offer private readings, consultations, and magical services by appointment for both church members and non-members. Our priests and practitioners are available to assist with your spiritual and magical needs. We offer divination, card readings, cleansings, blessings, uncrossings, candle spells, altar work, healing sessions, inner journey work, and magical instruction.

Candle magic is a time-honored method for focusing the energy of prayer and spellwork. Once aligned to your purpose they are burned to generate and set in motion spiritual energies toward your goal. We will create magical sigils for your name and goal and then dress, charge, and burn a glass-encased (7 Day) devotional candle in our Temple on your behalf. We will then email you a follow-up report with a photo of the completed candle glass, providing insights as to how well your spell progressed based on how the candle burned.

Custom Dressed Candle and Emailed Report .......... $20

Purpose For Candle

A unique form of Faery sorcery takes the form of setting a flower. Our priests will create a petition paper for your needs and dedicate a flower toward this work during our weekly Kala Flower Rite. Your flower will be tended with prayers for up to seven days, at which time we will press your flower and send it to you along with your petition paper so that you may use them in your own magical workings as you see fit, or simply keep them as a charm.

Flower Prayer Dedication ....................................... $20

Flower Purpose

As part of our spiritual practice we offer readings and consultations. We use various divinitory methods to consult spirits and divinities in order to shed light on your situation to give you a clearer idea as how to proceed. Alternatively, these sessions can be used to help you move forward with magical workings of your own, drawing from our experience in magic and the Craft to assist you in creating an effective spell or working.

30 minutes .......... $70
45 minutes .......... $90
1 hour ............... $120



The Feri tradition recognizes that humans have three souls, each with their own drives, needs, and language. When our souls are aligned we are better able to access our own deep wisdom, and to make effective and positive changes in our lives and in the world around us. Using meditation, breath, and energy-work, we will facilitate an experience of soul alignment so that you may attain knowledge of your own divine potential.

30 minutes .......... $70



Mojo Hands, Talismans, or Amulets, are "charmed objects" that have been magically charged and set for a particular magical purpose. They are then carried with you, usually out of sight, to keep their aura of influence around you. While these can take many different forms, Mojos are usually small pouches filled with herbs, stones, and other items that are aligned to the magical intention. In addition to your charmed object, you will receive instructions on how to "feed" it; keeping it "charged" and working toward your goal.

Custom Charm ............. $30



Sometimes a particular goal is more involved and will necessitate deeper workings than just a candle or mojo can allow for. I will perform ritual work with you or on your behalf, and will give you instructions for combined workings that you can do at home, generally simple rituals and/or herbal baths. Rates for altar work varies due to the individual nature of the work and the items required. Actual cost will be determined during a consultation. Additional items may be suggested for purchase in the store or elsewhere.

Altar work .......... Price varies



Sometimes we may feel that we have picked up negative energies that are holding us back; either through our own actions, poor judgment, bad habits, or even directed our way by the thoughts, actions or energies of another. In these times we may need to undergo a formal cleansing rite in order to “wash away” these negative forces. Using traditional rituals and energy-work, we will perform a spiritual purification for you so that you may regain your own sense of peace and power.

Simple, approx. 15 minutes: Water Cleansing Rite. $35
Basic, approx. 30 minutes: Water Cleansing Rite and blue fire energy work: $70
Standard, approx. 1 hour: All the above, plus candle work and a simple customized ritual: $120
Deluxe, approx. 2 hours: All the above plus foot washing ceremony (please arrive freshly showered and groomed): $200



We are trained in various forms of energery healing, most notably Blue Fire Reiki, which combines the practices of traditional Reiki with a taste of the Faery Power.

Full Session (1 hour) ................................................. $75
45 minutes .................................................................. $65
30 minutes (or long distance) ................................. $45



Trance work is at the forefront of most witchcraft and shamanic practices. Together we will journey into one of the many Inner Temples so that we may make prayers, give offerings, and receive the wisdom and blessings of those spirits that tend them. Currently we offer work with the following Inner Temples:

Personal Temple (Place of Power): We will assist you in visiting/creating your own personal Inner Temple that you may journey to in times of stress, or as a centering place in your own meditation practice.

Elemental Temples: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Aether. These temples contain the core of the various elemental spiritual energies and are useful for incorporating those energies into your life as needed.

Temple of the Stars: This celestial temple is tended by angels, stellar beings, and the Star Goddess Herself. This is useful for making deep petitions for change in your life, as well as for deepening your own spiritual awareness.

Underworld: Dark Goddess, and Dark God. The keepers of Mystery and magic. Journey here to work with your own shadow, and to claim your lost power from those parts of yourself that have been kept hidden.

Faery Temple: Sacred place within the earth where the stars dwell. Journey here to make alliances with the Fae folk, and to explore your own Fae nature.

Healing Temple: We will journey into a special temple which is tended by various beings devoted to the arts of healing.

Approx. 1 hour each .......... $120



We are also available as teachers of Feri tradition in the BlueRose lineage. Visit for more information about enrollment.


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